Since I set up my studio in 1985, my work has undergone considerable development; however, there are certain elements regarding methods of construction and treatment of the surface that  remain constant.

The ceramics are all hand-built using stoneware or earthenware, and constructed using coils or slabs. This enables me the opportunity to achieve a degree of individuality in each piece that I make. Some are glazed prior to having oxides sprayed on them before being fired, with results that display subtly coloured surfaces. No two pieces are the same.

Other forms have oxides or body stains burnished into the surface at the leather-hard stage prior to being bisque-fired; these pieces are smoke-fired in a sawdust kiln and finally polished with beeswax. The process is firmly rooted in ancient methods of pot-making; the resulting colours being integral to the process and the final form.

My ceramics are not functional, in the utilitarian sense of the word, but are derived from a culture of making pots. Emphasis is placed upon form and structure as opposed to decoration, and set within the boundaries of basic, traditional themes.